Monday, 4 July 2016

Attending the Opening (and Review) of Four Points By Sheraton, Singapore Riverview

Four Points By Sheraton, Singapore Riverview is now open!

A Good Option for more affordable Starwood Stays

Stayed July 2016
Published July 2016

Four Points by Sheraton (FP or 4P) is a budget brand in the portfolio of Starwood Hotels for the readers who are unfamiliar with Starwood Hotels.

I have previously reviewed FP Namsan, Seoul and found it quite fine.

As a Starwood fan, I have been excited about our very own FP in Singapore after the announcement that Riverview Hotel was converting to the brand several months ago.

The hotel underwent major refurbishment and was scheduled to open on 1 July 2016. I have been to Riverview Hotel on several occasions for dinner, and thus the hotel is not new to me.

However, this would be the first hotel opening I am invited to and I was so excited!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Hyatt Regency DaNang: Luxurious but perhaps forgettable

Hyatt Regency DaNang

Right at the Marble Mountains, Luxurious but perhaps forgettable

Stayed March 2016
Published June 2016

My first long visit to Vietnam and I really loved it!

This was over the long weekend of Good Friday and I had already booked my stay at a different hotel much earlier. A very fantastic one. But this entry on the Hyatt Regency, so please 'stay tuned' for the update.

While planning for the flights, I found out it was much cheaper to fly the day before my confirmed hotel booking and thus I had to extend my stay for a night in DaNang. As I love to try different hotels, I looked for another place to stay. After some research on the (poor) availability (of chain hotels) and prices, I settled on the Hyatt Regency.

The price was less than 5 million Vietnamese Dong (I really had problems with the currency), which works out to be less than SGD$300 for the night.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Four Points by Sheraton Namsan, Seoul: Great Value for Money!

 Four Points by Sheraton, Namsan, Seoul

 A Great Value for Money!

Published June 2016

This would probably be the shortest review ever on this blog. I was not planning to write something for this hotel as I merely used it for single nights in Seoul.

However, I now think it is a wonderful place to stay for specific reasons and it does deserve a mention.

The hotel is located within walking distance of the central Seoul train station and is connected underground which is mostly sheltered.

The Seoul station connects the many trains, subways, as well as the Airport Express from Incheon Airport. This allows very easy access and was the reason I stayed at the hotel for the start and end of my trips to Seoul.

Four Points by Sheraton is, unsurprisingly, a brand under Starwood Hotels, catered to the budget traveler.

As such, I was not expecting much (in terms of luxury) from my stays here.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Travel Hacking: Intercontinental New York Times Square, Only $160 per night by making good use of my Ambassador Cert

Intercontinental New York Times Square

Made me glad to have the Ambassador membership

Stayed Feb 2016
Published May 2016

After fulfilling my goal of seeing the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, it was time to go home.

Considering I would be almost on the other side of the globe (in terms of longitude), I was pondering if I should continue westwards through North America or back via Europe.

After looking at the flights and seeing Icelandair was offering a good deal at USD$215 (about SGD$300) on Economy to New York for a one-way, it was decided I would stop in NYC for a few days before heading home.

As a savvy traveler, I used my Ascend Card hotel voucher for a free first night at Millennium Broadway Hotel, which I also used at previously and got upgraded to a suite. This time, it was only a room but no less comfortable. Looking at my review then, it was really so dry.